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We welcome people with all levels of experience, or no experience at all. Some people come along because scuba diving is something they’ve always wanted to do. Others join after they have enjoyed a ‘try dive’, either in the UK or abroad, and want to take it further. Whatever your reason, if you want to learn more about scuba diving, Time2Dive Pembrokeshire will welcome you as a member and train you to become a qualified diver.

Pool Dive

This starts your journey to scuba. Learn about equipment and some skills underwater in a safe environment. Gain confidence then progress to confined open water and finally the sea.

Ocean Diver

This course will start you diving progressively down to a maximum of 20 Metres. You will learn through classroom theory about effects on the body, kit and equipment. Practice skills in the pool step by step, then take your diving into open water.

Sports Diver

Take the next step and progress your diving limits to a maximum of 35 Metres. Including rescue and self survival skills alongside more in-depth theory.

Dive Leader

Progress your diving down to 50 Metres. Extend your personal diving skills whilst leading and planning dives for others.

Advanced Diver

Essential for dive leaders who want to organise diving to places they’ve not been to before or Open Water Instructors who want to become Advanced Divers.

First Class Diver

BSAC’S top diving grade. Reflecting a high level of theoretical knowledge, organisational and personal diving and dive management skills.

In order to undertake BSAC diver training with Time2Dive Pembrokeshire you’ll need to be a member of BSAC and our branch. Visit Membership & Fees for more info.

Visit BSAC.com