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History of Red Dragon Divers

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Red Dragon Divers, or RDD, was formed in 1972, when it was known as North Pembs Sub Aqua Club. It is Branch 0495 of the British Sub Aqua Club, the biggest scuba diving club in the world.

Two years later the county of Pembrokeshire became part of the new Dyfed Powys local government administrative area and the club changed its name to Fishguard Sub Aqua Club.

In 2005 the club felt that the inclusion of the place name Fishguard in the name was too limiting, giving potential members the impression that diving and membership was restricted to one small part of the county. In fact its members come from all over Pembrokeshire and further afield and the club dives all around the county’s coastline.

After much head scratching the name Red Dragon Divers was suggested, approved and finally adopted in August 2005.

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