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T2D Pembrokeshire celebrates 50 years in 2022

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The foundations of the club ‘Time2Dive’ comes from the first dive club in Pembrokeshire established by our founder member Tom Bennett in 1972 . It was from the Pembs Sub Aqua club that all the splinter clubs came from. Toms ambition in 1972 was to create a diving club for Pembrokeshire as there was no diving activity here at all. In those days they had to make their own diving equipment and they would take it in turns every weekend to drive to BOC in Cardiff to get 207bar air fills.

Most of the Pembrokeshire shipwrecks remained unexplored and in those days you started to make your way to the surface when the air ran out, thankfully standards have evolved.

We celebrate 50years being the local foundation Dive Club of Pembrokeshire and look forward to another 50 years of fabulous diving in one of the UK best diving locations.

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